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QMI Engine Treatment with PTFE
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— Proven wear reduction up to 88%
• Reduced friction and wear
• Increased engine life
• Reduced heat
• Improved performance
• Reduced maintenance
• Easier starting
• Reduced fuel consumption
• Longer effective oil life
• Protection against corrosives
• Increased resale value

SKU # EE50

QMI Motor Oil Enhancer
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Fortifies vital additives and enhances motor oil lubricating properties to protect and restore smooth, quiet engine operation.
• Helps motor oil provide critical lubrication and protection functions
• Reduces viscosity breakdown and oxidation
• Sulfonate detergents clean deposits and contaminants
• Dispersants suspend contaminants for oil drain removal
• Frees sticky piston rings, valves, lifters and o-rings
• Neutralizes acids
• Controls rust caused by low temperature engine operation
• Conditions and restores seals and o-rings, reduces leaks
• Friction modifiers and extreme pressure agents reduce wear and extend engine life

SKU # GL1910

QMI Oil System Cleaner
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Scours away gums, varnish and carbon deposits. “Don’t put clean oil in a dirty engine!”
• Safe, concentrated petroleum based crankcase cleaning
• Quickly cleans oil system deposits and other contaminants
• Suspending agents emulsify contaminates for oil drain removal
• Helps remove abrasive wear metal and dirt particles, reducing wear and extending engine life
• Lubricates and protects while cleaning
• Helps free stuck valves and piston rings to improve compression, reduce blow-by and excess oil consumption
• Reduces blow-by and excess oil consumption
• Promotes a more complete drain of used oil, reduces contamination of new oil
• Improves oil circulation

SKU # GL1905

QMI Vis Plus
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Added to your regular oil changes, helps older engines perform young again.
• Improves motor oil viscosity
• Improves engine oil pressure
• Enhances oil’s critical lubricating properties
• Reduces oil breakdown and oxidation
• Increases compression, reduces blow-by and oil consumption
• Stops and prevents leaks
• Extreme pressure agents reduce friction and wear
• Reduces corrosion on vital engine parts
• Restores smooth, quiet engine operation, extends engine life

SKU # GL1907



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